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Assorted Rosettes 20 Pack - 2 Inch

Sku: 0850862

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  1. Bouquets! boutonnieres! favors! centerpieces! This timeless, elegant mix will absolutely dazzle and bring color to your wedding or kitchen table. Great as table decorations for that special event, or relish their beauty in your garden. DIY delight! Easy-care plants. Low maintenance.
  2. Depending on availability, your purchase may include a selection of rossette type varieties. Your order may contain other varieties than listed as well as duplicate varieties. All plants are carefully packed at our facility by our succulent shipment specialists. Our shipments come with helpful care instructions.





Part of what makes succulents so fascinating are the myriad ways they express themselves throughout the year, depending on light, season, temperature, soil, and hydration. For those and other reasons, the plants you receive may not look exactly as they appear on our website.

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