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2.5" Assorted Grafted Cacti

Sku: 0850692
Gymnocalycium mihanovichii friedrichii is commonly known as 'Hibotan' or "Moon Cactus". This variant occurs when the plant lacks chlorophyll and the body color manifests as beautiful pink,orange, yellow, or red rather than the typical green. It was discovered that these beautiful seedlings could not survive as they did not have "chlorophyll" and were therefore incapable of producing the necessary chemical changes that are involved in photosynthesis and which are necessary for the production of the "food" that is necessary for the plant to grow and thrive. It was determined that if these tiny seedlings were "grafted" (an actual physical union of the vascular systems of the two plants) onto fast growing plants such as Hylocereus, that the "base" plant could provide the necessary chlorophyll for the "upper" plant (in this case the Gymnocalycium seedling lacking in chlorophyll) to thrive. Pink is not the only "achlorophyllous" color that occurs; in fact, many beautiful seedlings are born in many genera that are yellow, pink, orange, or many combinations of these colors. "Moon Cactus" is an excellent subject for windowsill culture. Requires porous cactus soil with adequate drainage. Prefers filtered light or shade with ample airflow. Water thoroughly when soil is dry to the touch. Protect from frost. Assortments change weekly with plant availability.