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3.5" Crassula ovata "Gollum"

Sku: 0850321

The leaves, unlike the flattened leaves of regular Jade, form odd tubular, lime green "fingers". The tip of the leaf is flared, but depressed in the center and often a brilliant, translucent red. Excellent as patio plant or landscape plant. With its red-tipped fingers atop a thick, gnarly trunk "Gollum" is also a great bonsai subject; 1'-3' tall, 1'-2' wide. The jade plant is a popular subject for bonsai training due to the inherent gnarly character of the thickened trunk and the ease with which it can be pruned and trained. In the case of "Gollum", the red-tipped "fingers" are an added plus to create an interesting bonsai plant. Porous soil with adequate drainage. Bright light to full sun. Water thoroughly when soil is dry to the touch. Protect from frost to prevent scarring.